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Tactic History

It is in 1996 that Tactic began its operations.

The small firm that it was from its beginning fast set off the scale with the integration and the acquisition of various companies, the purpose always being to serve its clientele better. Today, Tactic has reached a big maturity, an efficiency of its operations of high performance. In the course of these years, Tactic has known how to develop its own distinctive values and realize large-scale projects.

Here are the striking points:

1996 - Foundation of Tactic Inc., Saint-Georges (Quebec)

1998 - Integration of the operations of Strategik Samples Inc., Montreal (Quebec)

2000 - Acquisition of UPN Advertising, Laval (Quebec)

2001 - Acquisition of Plastilam, Quebec (Quebec)

2002 - Acquisition of E.W. Bredemeier, Chicago, IL

2011 - Launch of a fulfillment center, Saint-Georges (Quebec)

2014 - Acquisition of KD Samples Inc., Longueuil (Quebec)

2016 - Tactic and SI join forces, Saint-Georges (Quebec)


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